Incredible Hulk Tattoos

June 02, 2022 Category: Tattoo Ideas

If you've been contemplating a tattoo inspired by the Hulk, then you've come to the right place. If you're thinking of getting a Hulk tattoo, you can go for a face-filled design, with half of the character's head, fist, or even his swollen hands. The green face and twisted teeth are just a few of the many options for a Hulk tattoo.

You can get the face and fist of the Hulk in the same design, or you can choose to have both the hands and fists inked separately. In this way, you'll get the best of both worlds, while still maintaining the unique look that makes the Hulk stand out among other tattoos. The face is usually green and has one fierce eye. The Hulk tattoo is a great choice for anyone who wants to make an impact.

Incredible Hulk Tattoos

Hulk skin rip tattoo

If you're looking for an awesome and sassy tattoo, consider getting the Incredible Hulk tattoo. As Marvel's most famous brute, the Hulk complements your toned muscles. Moreover, it displays the dual nature of the Hulk, with his mild exterior and beastly forces hidden beneath. Hence, you'll get a tattoo with both power and intelligence. This design is sure to be a conversation starter.

One way to get a Hulk tattoo is to copy the famous superman himself. You can even get cute pictures of him in the form of tattoos. There are plenty of online galleries where you can find a picture of Hulk tattoos. You can follow the link below to see a few of the most popular Hulk tattoo designs. And don't forget to check out the pins and boards on Pinterest!

Hulk hogan tattoo

Wade Miley got an Incredible Hulk tattoo from his son, Jeb, at the age of four. His son Jeb, who is only four years old, gave him the Incredible Hulk tattoo, and he has been wearing it with pride since. He's currently on his way to having his first career no-hitter. There's no stopping Miley, who struck out eight batters and walked only one in a perfect game against the Cleveland Indians.

If you're thinking about getting a Hulk tattoo, make sure to consider where you'll wear it. Ideally, you'll want to show off your new tattoo. The shoulder, arm, thigh, or back are good places to get this super-hero tattoo. However, if you're planning to wear it on your arm, you'll probably want to wear it with other superheroes.

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