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Historical Figures Tattoos

If you're considering getting a tattoo honoring a historical figure, you're probably wondering who to choose. If you want something more traditional, you can pick someone like Andrew Jackson, who got a tattoo of a tomahawk on his leg. Jackson was notorious for dislocating and killing Native Americans, so a tattoo of a tomahawk would be appropriate. Another interesting historical figure is James K. Polk, who got a tattoo honoring his work extending the United States' territory.

Ancient Egyptian

An ancient Egyptian historical figure tattoo can be a great way to represent an ancient Egyptian culture or era. The predynastic period saw the emergence of more complex iconography. It was also the time of big game hunting. Hunters wore images of animals they had successfully hunted, such as hippopotamuses. Moreover, the bull was a powerful animal that represented the royal authority in ancient Egypt.

The tattooing on ancient mummies is also believed to have been done by Nubian people. These people had tattoos on their legs, arms, and chests. The tattoo designs were often similar to patterns found on figurines found in tombs of the C-Group, an ancient Egyptian culture that was contemporaneous with the Egyptian Middle Kingdom.


In ancient Chinese texts, tattoos were considered a cultural marker. Han Chinese were generally opposed to them, as they were considered barbarians. However, the Manchus eventually conceded to tattooing Bannermen for heavy crimes. Bannermen were stamped with the names of robbers, murderers, and deserters from the army. Those who committed robberies in broad daylight were stamped with a word that means "I am a robber".

A famous book about Chinese historical figures has a mention of tattoos in the book, "The Water Margin." It tells the story of a bandit named Song Jiang and his 108 companions. Three of the 108 bandits, including Yue Fei, had full body tattoos. Yue Fei, a general in the Southern Song dynasty, is the most famous Chinese historical figure to have tattoos. The book also tells the story of Yue Fei's infamous death, when his marshall betrays him and is burned.


If you love Scandinavian and Nordic culture, then a Viking historical figures tattoo might be perfect for you. A Viking tattoo has a lot of detail and fits right in with the culture. This tattoo depicts a horned helmeted warrior in battle. The design also includes symbols from Nordic culture such as a boat and a storm. There are also other dead warriors that surround the warrior, giving it a mystical and mysterious feel.

The Helm Of Awe is one of the most popular Viking-inspired tattoos and is rich in symbolism. It is a symbol of protection, strength, and courage, and is typically placed between the eyebrows. This tattoo will definitely attract attention and will be an excellent conversation starter!


George Orwell was a young man who went to Burma to train as a colonial policeman. After five years, he returned home an angry anti-imperialist. He had several tattoos, including a series of circles on his hands. It has been speculated that this may have been an attempt to understand the Burmese culture. Others suggest that it was a psychological gesture that sought to cope with guilt and the possibility of an inscription.

Orwell's tattoos, which appear on his 1927 passport, suggest that he was an anti-establishment figure. They are also symbolic of the fact that he was a radical in Burma. Although he was not one of the proper Imperial class, he mingled with Rangoon prostitutes, Buddhist priests, and British dropouts. The tattoos on his body also suggest that he was a member of a rebellious tribe in Burma. Consequently, his attitude was regarded as suspect by the British intelligence authorities.


Paul Booth is a multi-faceted artist who works as a fine artist, tattoo artist, filmmaker, sculptor, and musician. His work has received international attention and has earned him the distinction of being one of the most successful artists of his generation. His early creative projects were motivated by a need to express complex themes. Many of his pieces deal with topics like psychosis, mental illness, and abuse. He is also a member of the National Arts Club, one of the oldest arts institutions in the United States.

As a boy, Booth had his initials "J. W. B." inked on his hand. He had this done to honor his father, who was an American patriot. As an adult, Booth also got the initials of his sister on his hand.


One of the most iconic figures in history is Winston Churchill, the British Prime Minister from 1940-1955. He is widely regarded as an icon of the 20th century and was instrumental in the defeat of the Nazi regime. However, Churchill was not a saint by any stretch of the imagination; he was also an alcoholic and heavy smoker, and loved to tell dirty jokes. He was also a fan of tattoos, and was proud to show off his anchor tattooed on his forearm.

Churchill had several famous tattoos. His famous anchor tattoo was placed on his forearm, and it was considered a symbol of his leadership. It was also considered a symbol of his friendship with the Native Americans, the Smoki People. In the 1930s, the tattoo trend was still relatively new, and Churchill was no exception. He had an anchor tattoo, which was largely reserved for navy-men because of its nautical symbolism and maritime association.


There are several reasons why you might want to get an Edison historical figure tattoo. Perhaps you are in awe of his inventions or are merely intrigued by his life and work. Either way, you'll be sure to get many compliments on your new tattoo. The tattoos will be an awesome reminder of the man who changed the world for the better.

In his lifetime, Edison invented many products, including the light bulb, telephone, and phonograph. He also founded General Electric and created the first industrial research laboratory. In addition, he was the first person to patent a tattooing machine.


The tattoo of an O'Reilly historical figure has a unique story. In his early years, O'Reilly committed crimes and served time in prison. His criminal past notwithstanding, O'Reilly resurfaced as a tattoo artist in New York City in the mid-1880s. Calling himself "Professor O'Reilly," O'Reilly opened a tattoo studio in the Chinatown section of Manhattan.

During the late 1880s, tattooing was popular among blue-bloods and European nobility. O'Reilly tattooed many blue-bloods and high society figures, but they kept their names and faces hidden from public view. After O'Reilly's death in 1908, his business was taken over by Charles Wagner, who kept the names of the people he tattooed private.


Vegvisir historical figures tattoo is considered a powerful symbol of protection from evil. The symbol was originally used as a compass during storms, and was also used as an amulet to stay true to oneself. Despite the symbol's significance in history, many people are still puzzled about its origins.

The Vegvisir is one of the most popular symbols to incorporate into a tattoo. In addition to being powerful, they provide protection while on sea journeys. Moreover, these designs are custom-made to fit the skin color of the wearer. The Vegvisir historical figures tattoo can be personalized according to the person's personal preference.

Having a Vegvisir tattoo on the body is a great way to make a statement. The symbol can be inked on one leg, the back, or anywhere else you'd like. It's also possible to combine it with other symbols, like the runic alphabet or animals. In fact, the Vegvisir can be combined with other symbols to create an interesting and unique tattoo design.


Artist Jeff Booth has won the best blackwork tattoo award at a convention in Manchester, England. This is a huge honor for the Toronto tattoo artist, who has a growing following among tattoo enthusiasts. His tattoo designs have been featured on the skin of members of some of the world's biggest bands, including Slipknot, Lamb of God, Cradle of Filth, and Mudvayne.

His former work lair in Manhattan was dark and ornate, with skulls embedded in the walls. There were also turn-of-the-century electric chairs and gothic arches. There were even curved Medieval windows. The tattoo artist was renowned for his dark and macabre art, which helped him to gain a following among tattoo connoisseurs. In 2007, he opened a gallery for his art and continued to create tattoo designs in his former tattoo parlor.